Thursday, February 17, 2011


Answer all questions.
Each question to be answered in a separate book.
1. A 30 year old HIV positive woman complained of acute abdominal pain.
Discuss the management of this patient. (100 marks)
2. You are appointed as the Venereologist in charge of a district STD clinic. During the initial assessment, you found that the-clinic services are not adequately utilized by the most at-risk populations (MARPs) living in the area.
Describe the steps you would take to improve this situation. (100 marks)
3.1 Describe the impact of STls (excluding HIV) and bacterial vaginosis on
pregnancy and neonate. (50 marks)
3.2 Outline the steps that can be taken to reduce transmission of STls (excluding HIV) to baby during pregnancy and neonatal period.
(50 marks)
4. Discuss the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of using the already available services in a Health Unit (MOH unit), in preventing sexually transmitted
infections (STls) and promoting sexual health of a community. (l00 marks)
5. A 40 year old man recently diagnosed with HIV infection was admitted to National Hospital with fever, headache, numbness and weakness of left leg and seizures affecting the left side of the body for one week. His CD4 count was 90 cells/cu mm.
Discuss the management of this patient. (100 marks)

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