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DIP MAY 2005

MAY 2005
Date : 12th May, 2005 Time : 1.30 p.m. – 4.30 p.m.
Answer All Five questions.
Each question in a separate book.
1. Briefly comment on the following statements.
1.1 Promotion of condom use will lead to an increase in promiscuity. (35 marks)
1.2 Legalising prostitution will lead to a decrease in the
incidence of sexually transmitted infections. (35 marks)
1.3 For the year 2002 the crude death rate for Sri Lanka and the
United Kingdom (UK) were 6.6 and 10.4 respectively. This is
due to the good health service provided in Sri Lanka. (30 marks)
2. The prevalence of HIV varies from country to country. According to the UNAIDS and
WHO classification, Sri Lanka is considered to be a low prevalence country.
2.1 List possible reasons for different HIV epidemic patterns in
the world. (50 marks)
2.2 What are the activities that should be carried out to
maintain the low HIV prevalence in Sri Lanka? (50 marks)
3. A 40 year old unmarried man complains of an ulcer on the shaft of penis of 10 days
3.1 What information will you seek in the history ? (25 marks)
3.2 What clinical findings will you look for when examining the patient?
(25 marks)
3.3 List the appropriate investigations that you would carry out. (25 marks)
3.4 If none of the above investigations are available to you, how
would you manage this patient? (25 marks)
4.1 Write a brief account on stigma and discrimination in
the context of HIV/AIDS epidemic in Sri ,Lanka. (50 marks)
4.2 Describe the measures that you would suggest to
minimize stigma and discrimination in the above context. (50 marks)
5. There are about 25 full time government STD clinics in Sri Lanka. Discuss in what way
these clinics contribute to the prevention of sexually transmitted infections in the country.
(100 marks)

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