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JUNE, 2006
Date : 20th June, 2006 Time : 9.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.
Answer All questions.
Each question to be answered in a separate book.
1. Discuss the role of health care workers other than the doctors in a provincial
STD clinic in Sri Lanka in the management and control of STD/HIV.
2. HIV / AIDS Surveillance is an important area in a AIDS Control
2.1. What is meant by HIV/AIDS surveillance ? (20 marks)
2.2. How does HIV/AIDS surveillance assist the National AIDS control
programme ? (20 marks)
2.3. How do you classify countries according to the level of the HIV
Epidemic ? (30 marks)
2.4. What are the priority areas of HIV/AIDS surveillance for a country
like Sri Lanka ? (30 marks)
3. A female sex worker diagnosed with late latent syphilis in 2003 had been
treated with three doses of benzathine penicillin at weekly intervals.
The syphilis serology at time of diagnosis was VDRL R (4) and TPP A 2+.
The patient did not attend clinic after the third injection until January 2006
when she came requesting a check up. The results of the VDRL test carried
out monthly since January 2006 are as follows:
January - WR(O)
Defaulted follow up in February
Mrch - R(2)
April -WR(O)
May - R(4)
June -R(8)
3.1. Discuss the possible reasons for the above serological test results.
(50 marks)
3.2. Discuss the management of this patient in June 2006.(50 marks)
4. During the year 2005 the following events were reported from a
Medical Officer of Health (MOH) area with an estimated mid year
population of 100 000.
Live births 800
Total deaths 300
Infant deaths 12
Maternal deaths 02
4.1. Calculate and comment on all relevant rates. (40 marks)
4.2. Discuss briefly the problems associated with the screening
programme for syphilis among antenatal women in an MOH area.
Outline your suggestions to improve the situation. (60 marks)
5. Increasing numbers of herpes simplex virus (HSV) infection could
lead to an explosive HIV epidemic worldwide.
5.1. Discuss the interaction between HSV and HIV infection.
(50 marks)
5.2. Describe the clinical and public health measures that can be taken
to minimize further spread of HSV infection in the population.
(50 marks)

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