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(01) Qualifying Exmination for Diploma in Venereology
(now Selection Examination in Diploma in Venereology)
01. May 2002 02. May 2003
03. May 2004 04. May 2005
05. July 2006 06. July 2007
MAY 2002
Date : 14th May, 2002 Time : 1.30 p.m. – 4.30 p.m.
Answer All Five questions.
Each question in a separate book.
1. The STD ADS Control Programme was set up as a preventive programme. with a
curative component.
1.1 List the preventive components of the programme (25 marks)
1.2 List 5 other programi11es in the Ministry of Health that, work
closely with the STD/ AIDS Control Programme (15 marks)
1.3 Describe each of the preventive components brief1y and how they
are implemented at a practical level in the programme
(Write no more than 15 lines per each component) (60 marks)
2. The World Health Organization promotes syndromic management of sexually transmitted
diseases (STD) as a strategy to control STDs.
2.1 Define syndromic management of STD. (15 marks)
2.2 List the STD syndromes identified by the STD/ AIDS Control
Programme in Sri Lanka (25 marks)
2.3 Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of syndromic
management of STDs. (60 marks)
3. A 30 year old Sri Lankan male, never been out of the country and married for 2 years,
complains of genital ulcers of one weeks duration.
3.1 Briefly describe the information you would ask from this patient
in the history. (20 marks)
3.2 List five sexually transmissible infections you will consider in
your differential diagnosis (10 marks)
3.3 What investigations would you like to do. Assuming that laboratory
facilities of a provincial level laboratory are available to you. (20 marks)
3.4 Assuming you were a primary health care medical officer.
describe briefly the management or this patient. (50 marks)
4. A 23 year old sexually active unmarried woman complains of a vaginal discharge of two
weeks duration.
4.1 What important features would you ask when taking the history
to help in the diagnosis. (20 marks)
4.2 List five common sexually transmissible agents that cause
vaginal discharge. (10 marks)
4.3 Assuming you are in a Provincial STD Clinic, list five basic laboratory
investigations you would carry out to assist in the management. (20 marks)
4.4 Discuss the important aspects in the managements of this patient. (50 marks)
5. A neonate 7 days old is brought to you with discharge from both eyes. You are far away
from a STD Clinic or an Eye Hospital.
5.1 What information would you seek from the mother of the neonate. (20 marks)
5.2 What is your differential diagnosis. (10 marks)
5.3 What laboratory investigations will you carry out in your
institution. (20 marks)
5.4 Discuss the management of the case. (50 marks)

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