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DIP MAY 2003

MAY 2003
Date : 8th May, 2003 Time : 1.30 p.m. – 4.30 p.m.
Answer All Five questions.
Each question in a separate book.
1. A. total of 358 HIV infected Sri Lankans had been reported to the National SID/AIDS
Control Programme (NSACP) by December 2000; but the' NSACP had estimated that
8,500 people with HIV / AIDS were living in the country at that time (Source - Annual
Health Bulletin 2000).
1.1 What are the possible reasons for this discrepancy? (30 marks)
1.2 What are your recommendations to reduce this gap? (40 marks)
1.3 Discuss briefly the role of Sentinel Surveillance for control of
HIV in Sri Lanka. (30 marks)
2. A 28 year old mother of two at 28 weeks POA attending MOH antenatal clinic, was
found to be having a positive VDRL 1:4 [R(4)].
2.1 What are the implications of this finding? (30 marks)
2.2 What are the important issues the MOH should consider in
dealing with this case? (20 marks)
2.3 If this patient is referred to you, as the MOlC of the provincial
SID Clinic how would you manage this case? (50 marks)
3.1 In what ways does the laboratory help in the management
of patients suspected of having an STD in Sri Lanka. (20 marks)
3.2 List five sexually transmitted diseases. With each disease,
describe briefly the laboratory findings expected in the Sri Lankan
context. (50 marks)
3.3 Even with Syndromic Management of STDs, the laboratory
Services are required at the central level. Discuss. (30 marks)
4. A 30 year old male working in a tourist hotel is admitted to hospital with a history of
undiagnosed continued fever for one month. A blood sample is collected from this patient
for investigations.
4.1 After taking the blood the nurse pricks her finger with the needle.
Write briefly what measures should be taken in the management
of this situation. (40 marks)
4.2 In the ward this sample is accidentally dropped on the floor
and the bottle is broken. How would you clean the spill. (30 marks)
4.3 What do you understand by Universal Precautions. (30 marks)
5. During a school medical inspection, you spot a 14 year old girl with a depressed bridge of
5.1 What is the term used to describe this condition. (15 marks)
5.2 List other stigmata you would look for in this girl. Describe
any five of them briefly. (Not more than three sentences each). (30 marks)
5.3 What serological tests should be done on this girl? (20 marks)
5.4 Who else do you think should be investigated in this instance. (15 marks)
5.5 Having confirmed your diagnosis what additional measures
could be taken in further managing this patient. (20 marks)

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